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Sibelius och Sverige

Sibelius förhållande till Sverige var speciellt på grund av hans svenska modersmål. Han var väl förtrogen med svensk litteratur, och många av hans finaste sånger är skrivna till dikter av svenska författare. I sex sånger op. 36 (1899–1900) till exempel … Continue reading

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Jean Sibelius – tonsättare

Vilka är Sibelius mest kända verk? Förmodligen Finlandia, Valse triste och Symfoni nr. 2. Finlandia (1899/1900) hette ursprungligen ”Suomi herää” (Finland vaknar) och var sista numret i en serie av levande tablåer som illustrerade olika skeden i Finlands historia från … Continue reading

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Jean Sibelius – composer and patriot

Jean Sibelius died on 20 September 1957 at home in Järvenpää. On 29 September, his coffin was carried to the Helsinki Cathedral, and from nine o’clock in the evening until midnight, 17000 people filed past the coffin to pay their … Continue reading

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Helmuth Thierfelder’s 1935 Open Letter to Jean Sibelius

Helmuth Thierfelder’s open letter to Jean Sibelius from 1935,[1] drowned for decades, has suddenly surfaced as Timothy L. Jackson has maintained that Adorno’s renown ‘Glosse über Sibelius’[2] or, in fact, its nameless first printing,[3] which Adorno wrote in New York, … Continue reading

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Magnus Lindberg: EXPO, Piano Concerto No. 2, Al largo

According to Luciano Berio (Remembering the Future, 2006), the musical development of the last few decades has postulated an opposition between two kinds of musicians, one empirical and the other systematic, “an opposition between the composer as bricoleur and the … Continue reading

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Why You Cannot Leave Sibelius Out

My title is appropriated from Richard Taruskin’s keynote lecture at the 2006 Bartók conference in Budapest, substituting Sibelius for Bartók.[1] His title pertains to the astonishing omission of Bartók from the recent Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Music;[2] mine to the … Continue reading

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Lindberg, Magnus

(b Helsinki, 27 June 1958). Finnish composer. He studied piano (Maija Helasvuo and Sebök) and composition (Rautavaara and Heininen) at the Sibelius Academy (1977–81), continued his studies of composition with Globokar and Grisey in Paris (1981–2) and attended courses by … Continue reading

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Introduction to Magnus Lindberg

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! 0. Welcome to the San Francisco Symphony’s Inside Music talks, presented an hour before each regular subscription concert. My name is Ilkka Oramo. I am an academic from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, and I … Continue reading

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Zum Hinschied Leonard B. Meyers

Im Editorial ihres Magazins vom 4.1.2008, ”Zum Hinschied Leonard B. Meyers” (, das mir unversehens begegnet ist, wird eine Textpassage zitiert, die angeblich dem Buch ”Emotion and Meaning in Music” (1956) von Leonard B. Meyer entstammt und auf deren Grund … Continue reading

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The Sibelius Problem

‘Whatever became of Jean Sibelius? For the first half of the 20th century, the square-headed Finn was the totemic symbol of a heroic nation and the most admired living symphonist,’ wrote Norman Lebrecht in June 2007. ‘Today, half a century … Continue reading

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