Tulindberg, Erik

Published in print: 20 January 2001, Published online: 2001; updated, 31 January 2014

(b Vähäkyrö, Feb 22, 1761; d Åbo [now Turku], Sept 1, 1814). Finnish composer. He studied at the Åbo Akademi and took the master’s degree in 1782; he worked there as a librarian until 1784, when he became an accountant to the Province of Uleåborg (Oulu). In 1809, when Finland was annexed to Russia as a Grand Duchy, he became a member of the state council, and in 1811 was appointed chief accountant at the Province of Åbo and Björneborg (Pori). Tulindberg was an enlightened amateur musician who played the violin and cello and probably keyboard instruments.

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